Say GOODBYE to breakage and split ends, and HELLO to healthy hair!

Perfectly Natural Curls,

The Staqk Heatless Curler was designed to create a gentle way of curling your hair.

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#HairGoals Are Now So Easy To Achieve!!

Hair goals are now so easy to achieve with The Staqk Heatless Curler, giving you curls and waves exactly how you want them. Continuous use of our heatless hair curling ribbon, will give you long-term hair health perks and benefits, without heat damage.

Perfect for robe curl method

The Heatless Curler is made from 100% silk and is very gentle on the hair. The silk will help reduce frizziness and make your hair soft and shiny.

Clips & Combs

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Love bouncy curls but hate frying your hair? Then the Heatless Hair Curling Wrap Kit is just the hairstyling solution for you! This handy kit naturally creates beautiful curls and waves in your hair. No more curling irons or salon trips!


Save Money On Salon Trips

No more wasting trips and money going to the salon to get your hair treated for heat damage, The Heatless Curler will give you beautiful curls for a quarter of the price!

Results In Less Time

With The Heatless Curler you can go about your daily morning routine while the curler is still on your head from the night before, plus taking it off only takes 2 minutes!

Safe On Hair, No Heat

No need to spend hours in front on the mirror every morning twisting and burning your hair, simply wrap your hair the night before and unwrap beautiful curls in the morning!

All-In-One Curler Kit

Everything you need in one easy to use heatless curler kit!

Kit Includes:

- 1 Silk Heatless Curler Rod

- 2 Silk Hair Ties

-2 1 Large Claw Clip

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Made With 100% Silk

Sleep like a baby with the new silk designed curler rod, no need to use socks, robes, or leggings that will damage and rip your hair!

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