• TheHeatlessCurler™

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The Heatless Curler

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The Heatless Curler™

  • Heatless Curler
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Perfect for robe curl method.

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Care Instructions For The No-Heat Curler:

"I Woke Up Like This"

Flaunt a “woke up like this” pretty look with bouncy curls as you roll out of bed. With the while-you-were-sleeping heatless hair curler, you will get beautiful heatless curls using little effort and without damaging your locks with hot hair tools.

Multiple Colours

You can choose from available colors and materials, set with 2 scrunchies or Just curler . Just curler means- curling ribbon without scrunchies, so you can use your own, if you have already!

Our Story


Get effortless bouncing princess curls overnight without damaging your hair! With the heatless curl band, achieving the voluminous bouncing beach curls with less stress and damage is easier than ever!

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